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Would Jesus use a Nail Gun?

While every modern day construction worker carries a hammer in their tool belt, they do most of their work with power tools for speed and proficiency.  If Jesus were walking the face of the earth today doing carpentry work, would he adapt to new technology in the construction industry and use nail guns and power saws or would he have remained a purist sticking with the manual tools of the trade?

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AVL the premier church technology conference and expo is coming back to the Northwest.  Join us Friday, January 31st, 2014.  We will be adding more advanced sessions for those that have attended before.


Who is ABS?  Partner and Integrator.  ABS has been at the forefront in the design, integration and installation of digital and high definition television systems since 1992. With over 200 installed systems, ranging from sports venues, broadcast television groups, locally owned television stations and university and public access facilities, ABS has earned high marks for providing technologically superior solutions that are affordable.

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The Mega Church GAP. Have you ever attended a church expo or conference and felt overwhelmed as they paraded you by their million dollar audio, video or lighting solutions?  It seems that most Mega Churches have erased their past of how they started with nothing and grew to what they are today.  Or technology has changed so drastically that it really wouldn’t translate in to helpful solutions to most medium to small sized churches.

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AVL Expo and Conference

Live Streaming Solutions

Vlife Media has launched a brand new streaming platform that is new and unique for churches.  From live chat to multi-bit auto detection streaming - this is a product that changes the way churches connect with people online.  This feature-rich product boasts integrated chat with multiple logins with either Twitter, Facebook, and Google to name a few.  This is all backed by a moderator feature that keeps the chatting on in check and course.  Notes are also another nice feature that help your online audience feel as though they are a part of your in house experience.  With this feature online attendees can view sermon notes that have been uploaded by the church or they can take their own notes with print and email options for future review.  It's also easy for viewers to share the live experience with their friends via a link to Facebook and Twitter.  This feature drives the live stream in front of thousands of people within new social circles that a church may have never been directly invited into.


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Changes – they are a’ comin’

By Tom Layson

I was in a conversation the other day about making the switch over to HD production. I could tell I was starting to hyperventilate, and that my audience’s eyes were starting to glaze over with my indecision and feeble explanations about the complexities associated with making any real commitments to a particular technology right now.

Not only is money at stake, but so is time: Buckets and buckets of time in trying to develop a coherent workflow that allows you to stop worrying about the workflow and focus on creating. I know this is heresy to the knobs-and-dials crowd, but believe it or not, it all eventually comes down to content creation. It’s easy to lose focus on that when the premium has always been on just accomplishing a technical feat. But the times they are a’ changin’.


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